Symposium 2023 –The Impacts of Digital Industrial transformations

We are happy to present the Call and Agenda of our 3nd Symposium! This year, the modality is a open discussion about the topic. We will be connecting from Kaunas, KTU, Lithuania, on the 9th and 10th October 2023!

The call is open to all! You are welcome to join and contribute to the discussion process.

Contact us to receive the access link for the discussion

The theme of the 2023 Symposium Discussions – The impacts of Digital industrial transformations

This year we have a particular approach and task. We have many members involved with the development of a book, which is part of the EU horizon funding. So it seemed logical to invite authors along to discuss their chapters, including concurrent areas of interest, such as the collaboration process and the like.

The Book Proposal Summary:

The digital industrial transformation was successful in delivering technical product delivery-based objectives. Industry 5.0 was intended to address the socio-environmental imbalances, but has not been able to stem the increasingly rapid pace of technological advancement. In the current state, Industry 5.0 policy is not providing the necessary guidance, leaving an unintended misalignment between technology and society. This book foreshadows the needed changes in order to fulfill Industry 5.0 promises. This book is the outcome of four years of exploratory research by an EU Horizon 2020 funded team, and other industry experts, on the impact of digitalization on management and economics. It provides a systemic perspective of Industry 5.0, giving insights into the anticipated changes in industrial dynamics and relevant policies.

Symposium Agenda (EEST Time)

October 9th

10.00   Coffee&Chat moment in presence and online (catch up moment)

10.30   Welcome and Introduction

10.45   Theme kick off discussion

Lead speakers:

Rohan Fernando (Australia online)

Manuel Morales (local)

Morteza Ghobakhloo (local)

13.30   Lunch break

15.00   afternoon theme discussion

Lead speakers:

Jim Spohrer (US online)

Thomas Marlowe (NY online)

Gary Metcalf (US online)

18.00   End discussion session

19.00   Dinner

October 10th

11.00   Extension Discussion Time

Summary and closing comments for CSRP Institute Symposium

13.30   Lunch

15.00   AGM meeting

16.30   Closing of the AGM for 2023.

Time zone table – OCT 9 2023

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