Creative Systemic Research Platform Institute

is an non-profit institution aiming to promote research and development of projects. We focus on investigating the skills needed for Community Resilience, supported by ecological practices and systemic and creative learning.

Existing since 2017 as a non-profit research group, we evolved in December 2020 into the CSRP Institute.

Latest NeWS

Riportiamo Bacco al Carnevale Verscio

Il Carnevale storico di Verscio continua!

Con Bacco dal 1900 al contemporaneo 2024.

Symposium 2023

The Impacts of Digital Industrial transformations:

Current transitions, from the technical to the societal, and everything in between! All that this range of topic encompasses.

CSPR Institute calls for discussion!

9-10 October 2023

online from Kaunas, KTU, Lithuania

WiBreath 2023

Air Quality Awareness

Special Issue

Sustainable, Smart and Systemic Post-Anthropocene