Nourishment Art

Residence retreat for A collective canvas: Interconnectivity experience

26 August – 04 September 2024, Blenio Valley, Switzerland

Riportiamo Bacco al Carnevale di Verscio

Il Carnevale storico di Verscio continua! Con Bacco dal 1900 al contemporaneo 2024.


Confluenza the shared development space for experience modalities between arts and sciences.

Started experiencing since January 2024

Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0

The book process with Kaunas University of Technology

started in April 2023, published in April 2024


Air Quality Awareness – Open source maker philosophy origins in 2018 and evolves in 2023

Terre d'Ebre, Ph: Jelena Sucic


Community building project space in Terre d’Ebre started in 2021

Call for Papers: Sustainable, Smart and Systemic Post-Anthropocene

Open call for a systemic design special issue for the Journal of Sustainable Smart Behaviour 2021-2022

Green Living Pod Lab

Applied research explorations for systemic education purposes started in 2018

Dialog with the Club of Rome

Series of events held in Shanghai 2018-2019

Playing the Game: Mask and Identity

A discussion on body image in the development of science and technology, Pan-Tongji Design Week 2019

World Music School Shanghai

The story of a cultural POP UP since 2017

北滘镇 Beijiao: Sense of Belonging

Research process phase from 2017 to 2018 to be extended