Riportiamo Bacco al Carnevale di Verscio

Il Carnevale storico di Verscio continua! Con Bacco dal 1900 al contemporaneo 2024.


Air Quality Awareness – Open source maker philosophy origins in 2018 and evolves in 2023

Terre d'Ebre, Ph: Jelena Sucic


Community building project space in Terre d’Ebre started in 2021

Call for Papers: Sustainable, Smart and Systemic Post-Anthropocene

Open call for a systemic design special issue for the Journal of Sustainable Smart Behaviour 2021-2022

Green Living Pod Lab

Applied research explorations for systemic education purposes started in 2018

Dialog with the Club of Rome

Series of events held in Shanghai 2018-2019

Playing the Game: Mask and Identity

A discussion on body image in the development of science and technology, Pan-Tongji Design Week 2019

World Music School Shanghai

The story of a cultural POP UP since 2017

北滘镇 Beijiao: Sense of Belonging

Research process phase from 2017 to 2018 to be extended