After Symposium straight to Classroom

David Ing lecturing on “Knowing Better Via Systems Thinking” for Ryan Armstrong, Ph.D. third year class on International Operations Management at Universitat de Barcelona Business School.

Access to the lectures:

2022/10/10 Knowing Better via Systems Thinking: Traditions and Contemporary Approaches

2022/10/10 Reifying Systems Thinking towards Changes: Rhythmic Shifts, (Con)Texture, and Propensity amongst Living Systems

Guest Lecturer CAFA (Chinese Academy of Fine Arts): The Superficiality of Design, Skin deep, deep skin

21 October 2021
The Superficiality of Design
Skin deep, deep skin

Guest Lecturer: Dr Susu Nousala
‘The Art of Systemic Learning and Practice‘

Transdisciplinary Design is to address this problem and to
empower the students to have a wider, stronger, richer
knowledge in design and design related disciplines so they
can make cross reference from a wide spectrum of knowledge
when confronted with complex academic and professional
design issue or task.