CALL – Nourishment Art Residency

A collective canvas:

Interconnectivity experience

26 August – 04 September 2024, Blenio Valley, Switzerland

Accepting applications until Sunday, June 2, 2024, via Google Form.


Imagine entering/becoming part of a space/organism and embodying ourselves in a fungal system or mycelium, a complex network of microscopic elongated cells (hyphae = us) with which the organism explores the environment and colonizes by networking the substrate from which it draws nourishment.

Nutrient sources must be sought, identified, and processed (through enzymes), so that they can be absorbed and contribute to the accumulation necessary for emergence (fungus or colony of fungi visible on the surface).

There are three main types of mycelium foraging behavior: saprotrophism, parasitism, and symbiosis. (choice/recognition).

The hyphae operate cohesively in synchrony, as they are now a mycelium (collectivity of one).

Preferred form of nourishment: beauty

Assimilation time: lunchtime

Accumulation area: the table of the former Cima Norma’s Pensionato, now Cima Città, interdisciplinary residency space

Expected emergences: 10 (1 per day)

Existence goal: to emerge from the substrate and spread elsewhere.

Nourishment Art

Welcome to our residency, a place where art and nutrition converge in a unique synergy. Here, twelve people from different backgrounds come together, united by a desire to create beauty and ask new questions. This art temple is a context for experimentation in which the daily meal becomes a shared experience, a work that unites us through methodology and collaboration. Keeping this atmosphere alive requires a constant and dedicated commitment from us all. 

Under the guidance of knowledge sharing, we find inspiration in fermentation, an ancient symbol of transformation and rebirth that speaks deeply to our human story. We also explore the intricate pathways of information processing, that help shape, and influence our culture. As constantly evolving individuals, we collaborate to build a contemporary community that thrives on the creativity and ingeniousness of the collective. We face challenges as an integral part of our journey, adapting to natural life rhythms in symbiosis with all living things, building mutual trust and transforming our experiences into a collective work of art, celebrating food, that is also interpreted as a metaphor for the pursuit of knowledge.

In this context, we explore the connections we imagine and that bind us to one another, creating bridges for the exchange of ideas and resources, in a harmonious synergy with the mystery of the daily meal. This becomes the focus of a shared ritual, a harmonious fusion of art and nourishment that elevates the spirit and invites us towards reflection. Like the flow of time, we immerse ourselves in an intricate web of moments that reveal the complexity and interconnectedness of collaborative being.

What we offer

In our residency, we offer an experience closest to being comprehensive, which includes room and board. We gather and use high-quality local ingredients to ensure the best as we work together. We have seven shared rooms located in a 19th-century boarding house. We have several rooms for workshops, a fully equipped kitchen, and a dining room where everyone can gather. Nearby, we have a beautiful quiet area at the foot of a pine forest at an altitude of 800 meters and a river coming from the slopes of the highest mountain in the region (Adula), where we can explore various collective care practices and advanced cultivation approaches.

What are we looking for?

We aim to better understand the complex relationships within our ecosystem, from macro to micro systems, with a focus on nurturing as an artistic endeavor. We promote trust and self-managed sharing within the space and its structures. Selected participants will be provided with guidelines (outline program) to follow for orientation during the residency, while on a daily basis, we will engage in creative cycles to create artistic installations. In an ideal scenario, everyone will benefit from the development of artistic biomarkers, biological markers reflecting the artistic experience, and new receptors for connecting with the surrounding environment. To enhance the collective experience, we will incubate the practice of a variety of tools from neuroscience (biohacking) to help us focus

Who is the target audience?

Members of art communities, as well as advocates of the Slow Food movement and alternative therapists. People into fungi, herbalism, biology, chemistry and social sciences. From graduate students, researchers to practitioners and experts that want to engage in a collective multidisciplinary creative process.


The residency is located at Cima Città, the former Pensionato of the glorious Cima Norma Chocolate Factory in Torre, in the picturesque Valle di Blenio, Switzerland.

Expenses Excluded

Transportation expenses are the responsibility of the participants, as well as personal care items. We do not refund personal expenses or special contributions unless agreed upon.

Residency Dates

From August 26th to September 4th, 2024, with priority given to those who can possibly attend the residency program for at least 5 consecutive dates (to be indicated in this form in response to the question).


Spots 12 (+ Visitors Supporters*)


By Sunday, May 26th, 2024 by Google Form here. 

Selection Announcement

Selected participants will be notified by end of June, 2024.

How will the announcement be made?

Initially via e-mail and personally (by Zoom), and then on the Future Fermentation IG platform.

Preparatory Meetings

Selected participants are expected to attend preparatory meetings (via Zoom).


Curated by Matteo Fieni / Future Fermentation and Jelena Sucic / Creative Systemic Research Platform Institute. With the support of Cima Città. In collaboration with Camera F. Promoted by Fondazione La Fabbrica del Cioccolato.

Visitors Supporters*

In addition to offering sponsorship opportunities for entities interested in supporting our vision and research, we extend a warm welcome to special visitors. Guests can enjoy accommodation and lunch included for a daily rate to be agreed upon. Contact us to arrange your visit and experience our facilities firsthand.


For any clarifications, please write to: with the subject “Nourishment Art Residency.”

Other info?

For official updates, please refer to Future Fermentation Instagram account. 

Un Carnevale diVerscio dal solito

Il progetto Riportiamo Bacco al Carnevale di Verscio è un’iniziativa per un carnevale diverso dal solito da supportare e a cui partecipare.

Segue l’invito dell’artista Mahdi El Ghomri a diventare parte dell’opera!

124 anni dopo il carnevale di Verscio del 1900, il 18 Febbraio 2024 nella stessa piazza ricreiamo il corteo e la stessa inquadratura come da foto (questa volta però non solo maschi 👀) Poi scendiamo tutti insieme portando l’idolo nei vigneti di Agarta a continuare i festeggiamenti con musica e buon vino. Mi spiego: Nel Museo etnografico delle Centovalli e Pedemonte si può vedere la testimonianza di un carnevale a Verscio datato 1900. Nella foto il corteo di cittadini in abiti da festa segue un carro con sopra una rappresentazione di Bacco. Agli abitanti delle Terre di Pedemonte di uno due secoli fa era quindi chiaro il legame del carnevale con la tradizione pagana pre-cristiana, si può ipotizzare quasi un onda romantica – post illuminista. Bacco (o Dioniso per i greci) è un Dio ibrido dalla multiforme natura maschile e femminile, animalesca e divina, tragica e comica. Incarna nella sua ebbrezza l’istinto primordiale presente in ogni essere vivente; istinto che permane nell’uomo “civilizzato” e non espresso correttamente può sfociare in violenza. E proprio per quest’ultimo motivo la questione diventa rilevante per la nostra società. La cultura della violenza, la demonizzazione della follia e la paura del caos sono così fortemente radicate dentro ognun* di noi. Per questo quell* di noi che hanno il privilegio di vivere in un tempo storico di pace, non possono ignorare l’urgenza di riprogettare la propria vita e la propria comunità includendo la libido ed il piacere tra i valori fondamentali regolatori. Senza questa base non si può imparare il rispetto. Perché celebrare il piacere dell’ebrezza vuol dire celebrare una parte fondamentale di noi stess*. Vuol dire imparare ad avere rispetto. E pensate che questa è solo una delle innumerevoli sfumature dell’archetipo del dio loco.

Il progetto è interamente creato in collaborazione con Jelena Sucic e il CSRP Institute grazie all’amorevole ospitalità dell’azienda agricola bio Agarta di Cavigliano e grazie anche all’aiuto di chiunque voglia partecipare 👇 perchè grazie all’indispensabile contributo del CSRP si sta facendo una campagna di crowdfunding – per cui se vuoi aiutare a realizzare questo sogno questo è il link… C’è del buonissimo vino della fattoria Agarta in palio per chi ci sostiene. La stessa fattoria dove si svolgerà l’after party del Carnevale per intenderci Canton Ticino”

Si trova anche in formato Reel su Instagram 😉

The Let’s bring Bacchus back to the Verscio Carnival project is an initiative for a different-than-usual carnival to support and participate in.

It follows the invitation of the artist Mahdi El Ghomri to become part of the artwork!

124 years after the Verscio carnival of 1900, on Feb. 18, 2024 in the same square we recreate the procession and the same framing as in the photo (this time, however, not only males 👀) Then we all go down together taking the idol to the vineyards of Agarta to continue the festivities with music and good wine. Let me explain: In the Ethnographic Museum of the Centovalli and Pedemonte you can see evidence of a carnival in Verscio dated 1900. In the photo, the procession of citizens in festive dress follows a float with a representation of Bacchus on it. To the inhabitants of the Terre di Pedemonte one two centuries ago, the carnival’s connection to the pre-Christian pagan tradition was thus clear, one can almost assume a romantic-post-Enlightenment wave. Bacchus (or Dionysus for the Greeks) is a hybrid god with a multifaceted nature-masculine and feminine, animalistic and divine, tragic and comic. He embodies in his intoxication the primordial instinct present in every living being; an instinct that lingers in “civilized” man and not properly expressed can result in violence. And for this very last reason, the issue becomes relevant to our society. The culture of violence, the demonization of madness and the fear of chaos are so strongly rooted within each* of us. Therefore, those* of us who are privileged to live in a historical time of peace cannot ignore the urgency of redesigning our lives and communities by including libido and pleasure among the regulating core values. Without this foundation, respect cannot be learned. Because celebrating the pleasure of drunkenness means celebrating a fundamental part of ourselves*. It means learning to have respect. And just think that this is just one of the countless shades of the archetypal loco god.

The project is entirely created in collaboration with Jelena Sucic and the CSRP Institute thanks to the loving hospitality of the Agarta organic farm in Cavigliano and also thanks to the help of anyone who wants to participate 👇 because thanks to the indispensable contribution of the CSRP a crowdfunding campaign is being done – so if you want to help make this dream come true this is the link… There is some great wine from Agarta Farm up for grabs for those who support us. The same farm where the Carnival after party will be held to mean Canton Ticino.”

It can also be found in Reel format on Instagram 😉